Reviews Mark All kind time of day! I'm 37, there is this story...
Live 5 years together, everything was fine, but 3 months ago my "sex pistol" started doing the misfire that was upsetting not only to me (of course) but his wife,and even a 2 month "clock" started to show at 6:30. Went to the urologist (well, who else?) The initial stage of prostatitis sedentary work. For the treatment the doctor prescribed suppositories "Vitaprost" and to encourage the pill "Cialis" 20mg. Well, the candle is clear,but the pill was amazed! First, the active substance is completely eliminated from the body, and therefore is not addictive. Second, working "on the rise" with the direct excitation. Third, it is compatible with alcohol, however intoxicated with the lower dose, so be careful! Personally, I have no dizziness and pain was not.
Good luck and good health!!!
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